"Divorce," or "Dissolution of Marriage" as it is technically known as in Oregon, is the legal process of ending a marriage. As part of a divorce the court divides assets and debts, awards custody and parenting time if there are any children under the age of 18, awards spousal and child support, orders life and/or health insurance, divides retirement accounts, investments, and stock options, and addresses other matters. These are significant issues that require skills in many different areas of the law. If not handled properly, what should be simple issues can become major problems. Some mistakes that are made as part of a divorce cannot be fixed at a later time, as the court generally lacks jurisdiction to correct some mistakes, such as distribution of property and/or debts. Because of this, it is almost always advisable to retain a family law attorney. I represent both men and women in divorce proceedings, and strive to do so as a strong yet compassionate advocate during what is usually a difficult time in my client's life. Please feel free to contact me to schedule a consultation regarding your case.